• I am a DREAMer

    Brave, Strong, and Determined

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  • The Purdue Global DREAMers Education Initiative

    is committed to supporting highly motivated, young undocumented immigrants in their journey to succeed through a college education.


  • Our Guide for Undocumented Students

    There are many support programs and resources to help you make college a reality.

    Make a Plan

    Talk to your family, high school guidance counselors, and mentors about your options for college.

    Get Ready for College

    Find out what to expect and prepare for success as you enter your academic journey.

    Find Support

    You are not alone. Learn how you can leverage your DREAMer experience and find support in the community.

  • Our School

    Purdue University Global offers more than 175 degrees and programs, providing students with a structured approach to learning that is both supportive and personal.

  • Our Partners

    We have built partnerships with strong organizations whose mission is to support underserved populations and provide them the opportunity to reach their dreams.